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National Trade & Industry Awards

The National Trade & Industry Awards is a top notch, high-impact, economic development and empowerment programme developed by RAD Communications Limited, to champion trade, business and development in Ghana. The event will celebrate and reward excellent trade companies, organizations, teams and individuals across Ghana.

The event also will serve as a platform where trade and industry impact to the development of Ghana will be discussed. The awards promises to serve as a springboard for many who aspire to reach higher heights with their works, efforts and contribution to the economic empowerment and stability of Ghana. Please visit https://forms.gle/AUq3D71ngAsb2Bz39 to nominate

This is Ghana’s Biggest Gathering of the Trade & Industry Community. This programme is an initiative of the Trade Expo Project’s and the Women & the AfCFTA Forum Africa.

Nominations Deadline – 10th June 2021
Nominee Announcement – 11th June 2021
Main Event – 21st August 2021

Please visit https://forms.gle/AUq3D71ngAsb2Bz39 to nominate